• Chi - aka Qi, Life Force, or Energy

    Master Lu is a holistic health practitioner, and Chi Master.  He began his study of health not through modern Western medicine, but by the way of martial arts.

    Decades of Martial Arts led him to understand and cultivate Chi. The human body and mind can cultivate Chi and Chi can nourish the body and mind, completing the circle of continuous life force.

    By definition, Chi is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that refers to the vital life force or energy that flows through all living things. According to TCM, this energy is believed to be the foundation of health and vitality, and when it becomes imbalanced or blocked, it can lead to physical or emotional problems.

    Chi is often described as a subtle energy that cannot be seen or measured directly, but can be perceived through its effects on the body and mind. In TCM, the flow of chi is believed to follow a system of pathways or meridians throughout the body, and acupuncture, acupressure, and other traditional therapies are often used to stimulate or regulate the flow of chi and restore balance to the body's energy systems.

  • Superior Energy

    For most of Master Lu's life, he's always tried to make better health and Chi more accessible to everyone (as seen from his dedication to teaching others). Eventually, he sought to combine his understanding of physiological mechanisms, sports, martial arts, and Chi. Following decades of research and study of all forms of alternative medicine practiced in China, India, and across Asia, 87 year-old Master Lu has developed the most effective way of using Chinese herbs to help rebalance our body.

    Master Lu's proprietary Superior Energy Belt is a powerful blend of herbs delivered through a natural and unique system - The herbs are worn externally, in a discreet belt around the waist, for only two hours a day.

    The Superior Energy Belt has already helped hundreds of users with the following:

    • Alleviate back pain and promote joint health
    • Maintain blood pressure and cardiovascular function
    • Maintain a healthy blood sugar level and cholesterol level
    • Elevate overall energy levels
    • Weight-loss
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Master Lu at Shaolin Temple

"The whole [body] is greater than the sum of its parts."

Although the above quote by Aristotle was presumed to reference the human psychology, we can apply the concept to human physiology. When different parts of our body are awakened to improve its functionality, a new synergy can be introduced to the body, allowing itself to heal in a holistic way. Try the holistic approach towards better health. Introducing the naturally effective, non-invasive, Superior Energy Belt!