The following are testimonials from users of the Superior Energy Belt.

Dan Wells

Crossfit Trainer, Age: 33

My name is Dan Wells, I'm from Los Angeles. I get occasional back pain from sleeping awkwardly or exercising too much and I had it quite a bit in the last 3 months. I was having back pain earlier today, so I put on the Energy Belt 20 minutes ago. I figured you can take in herbs or tea. Having it in a belt seems ridiculous to me. But it's unbelievable! I can feel this cool sort of feeling where it's actually penetrating into my skin and joints. I feel really good, and my back doesn't hurt at all anymore. And the fact that it's natural? Unbelievable!

Ms. Huang

Retired, Age: 72

Translated: I am here to tell about my 102 year-old father after using the Energy Belt. He doesn't have any major health problems, but he hasn't been able to sleep well for the past couple years and always had to visit the restroom hourly in the night. Back and upper thigh pains have also been bothering him for quite some time. After using the Energy Belt, his conditions have improved dramatically. Now he can fall asleep immediately, and sleeps over two hours at a time. The pains have also subsided over 80% in a short few weeks, and he is able to walk much better too.

Irina Godunro

Massage Therapist, Age: 54

My name is Irina Godunro, I'm a massage therapist and I've been in body works for 26 years. I wore this belt for 65 minutes and I got this sensation which is both cold and warm. Then my spasm in the lower back went away! I took off this belt about ten minutes ago, and I still have the sensation, I just love it. I'm moving much easier now.