Is this the same Energy Belt as the one I've seen or purchased in the past?

Master Lu's Superior Energy Belt has once been sold locally in Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas. Now, all of the Master Lu's products are only available through this website for customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. To avoid imitations, please do not purchase the products from anywhere else. This website can be verified through Master Lu's TikTok Douyin (with over two million followers).


How long will the Superior Energy Belt last?

The herbal sachet will generally be effectual from six months to a year.  As with any herb, the potency may gradually reduce over time.  It is recommended that you reseal the herbal pack in the provided heavy-duty foil ziplock sleeve when its not in use.  For renewed potency, you will only need to order the herbal insert and not the entire belt system again.


Do you have a larger size belt?

Our belt uses a hook & loop fastener, you can purchase a common belt extender at most retailers, such as the one found here on Amazon.


How do I know if the Superior Energy Belt is working for me?

Once you are pain-free you may forget you were ever in pain the first place.  A good idea to test our products effectiveness may be to count the number of times you are bothered by your back pain or certain ailment a week prior to using the belt.  Then start a new count beginning 3 days after using the belt.  By documenting your experience this way, you may be able to see measurable differences in less than a week!  A great way to keep track may be with a tool on the mobile app store such as Counter.


Do you have an affiliate program and how do I sign up? 

Yes, we do.  You must have already purchased and used our products before you can become an ambassador for our brand.  Once you are happy with our product you may reach out and we will send you the affiliate registration instructions.